What is coworking?

To ‘cowork’ means to work independently in a shared environment, usually an office. Workers are not employed by a single business, but are usually members of their own businesses.

Who can use a coworking space?

The coworking space environment is most common for professionals who work from home, contractors, freelancers, and anyone who works in isolation. For these types of business people, coworking offers a number of benefits.

For those who usually work from home, digiDECL Coworking Space provides a professional working space with no distractions. No dirty clothes that need washing or dogs that need walking here. Just you, a desk, and the freedom to be productive.

Coworking is not just about a shared space. It’s about a shared outlook. It provides the opportunity to network and gain knowledge from others who use the space. It can provide support and professional relationships.

Coworking is what you make of it

If you need a quiet place to concentrate exclusively on your work, come on in and sit down.

If you want to work independently without feeling isolated, take a seat.

And if you’d like the opportunity to bounce ideas off other professionals and possibly forge long-lasting business relationships, welcome to digiDECL.