Here at Banyule digiDECL, we’re thrilled to work with a range of innovative and forward-thinking entrepreneurs and startup businesses. Read on to learn their stories.

Total Tablets

Simon moved into Banyule digiDECL in November, 2015, seeking a friendly, convenient space for entrepreneurs and startup businesses. His business is Total Tablets.

Back in 2012, Simon saw an opportunity in the market to blend three business processes into one: marketing, technology, and today’s mobile consumer. He incorporated Total Tablets and now works with businesses to help them blend conventional business with digital business.

Rescource Recovery_standard

Alex Serpo moved into digiDECL in January, 2015. He’s a business journalist, trade environmental engineer, and is self-employed in the garbage processing industry. Alex has been running his own business, Resource Recovery, since 2014.

Resource Recovery is the largest trade publisher of recycling and waste management in Australia. All material is published digitally on